Mola Casanova is the Visitor Center of the NATURA 2000 Area of the Municipality of Umbertide

The Green Energy Park Mola Casanova is a beautiful old water mill, which is located on the river side of the Tiber, next to the Hydroelectric Plant of the City of Umbertide. In the Park there is a wide range of renewable energy sources.Visiting Mola is a dive into the past of the old mill with a look to the future of sustainable energy.


Special Area of Conservation

“della Valle del Torrente Nese e dei Monti Acuto e Corona”


ZSC “Valle dei Torrenti Nese and Acuto – Corona Mountains” is part of the Natura 2000 network, a widespread ecological network throughout Europe where biodiversity is preserved. The network has been set up to ensure the long-term preservation of threatened or rare natural habitats and threatened species and fauna at Community level.

It is an area of ​​high environmental value where biodiversity is rich and varied.

The area has an extension of 3.462ha and is crossed by 60km of well-marked trails, on foot or by bicycle.

In the area, ancient secular trees, valuable forests, populated by protected animals such as the wild cat, the pilgrim falcon and the wolf are planted. Numerous ancient castles and archaeological sites make the landscape even more impressive.

Come to the Mola Casanova Visitor Center for more information on the area and tips to visit.

Rent our assisted pedal bikes to visit the natural area, is a new way to experience nature!

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IN Umbria, the 102 Natura 2000 sites protect 15.9% of the regional territory and are managed directly by the Umbria Region which has identified appropriate and targeted conservation measures for species and habitats of Community importance.

Furthermore, any plan or project that may have significant impacts on the Natura 2000 site comes from the Umbria Region under the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure with the aim of achieving a balanced relationship between satisfactory conservation of habitats and species present and sustainable use of the territory.


“L’arte è natura concentrata”

Honoré de Balzac

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